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Supreme Court Split

Today many immigrant families and legal advocates (including me) were disappointed by the US Supreme Court’s 4-4 split decision in United States v. Texas. As a result, the lower court’s injunction will stand and Obama's 2014 programs will not be implemented.

It has been almost two year since Obama announced his executive actions to expand the 2012 DACA program and implement a new program for undocumented parents of US citizens and permanent residents (DAPA). Although the programs did not establish any legal status, it was a welcomed temporary measure that offered deportation protection and employment authorization.

Despite Obama's efforts, millions of undocumented immigrants will remain in the shadows and live in fear of deportation. The 2016 Presidential Election will definitely play be a critical role in determining the fate of millions of undocumented immigrants. Now we will have to wait (with great anticipation) to see how Congress and the next administration will resolve our nation’s immigration debacle.

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