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Client Testimonials

Highly Recommended

My husband and I hired Mary to handle our green card application. I was nervous since my visitor visa and prior relative filing had been denied before. We explained our case to Mary and she advised on the best way to proceed. She guided us through every step and answered all of our questions during each phase. My immigrant visa approved shortly before the New Year and we entered the US in February 2020! We would gladly recommend Mary to anyone looking for an immigration attorney.

                                                                                                                                        Patricia A.,(June 2020)

Mary Asomaning, The Great Lawyer

We contacted Mary after we received a denial for our I-130 case. She advised us of our options and we made an informed decision to pursue an appeal. Mary instructed us on the evidence we needed to win the appeal. We are happy to report that our appeal was approved and our case was reopened. We are grateful for the time and money that Mary saved us by handling our case, and we are happy to recommend her to family and friends in need of immigration assistance.

                                                                                                                                       Dorcas F., (April 2020)

Heavenly Results

My son and I were referred to Mary by a friend in our church. We saw how Mary handled her case and we were eager to hire her to handle ours. She guided me and my son through the entire process. Despite personal challenges during the case, she was very kind attentive and patiently attended to our concerns and issues. Little did we know how quickly my process went through after many years of being in the US, I finally have my green card! Amazing Grace !! All things are possible if you truly believe !! It was a long journey, which ended in victory! I would highly recommend Mary to anyone not only because she's an excellent immigration lawyer. She's also a prayerful woman of God trusting in him and YES he answered her prayers. Yes I will highly recommend Mary Asomaning to all who are in need of God fearing prayerful woman of God as their immigration lawyer. Watch and see how quickly our God moves for His Kingdom !!

                                                                                                                               LMH, (April 2020)

Awesome and Passionate Lawyer

My family & I hired Mary to assist us in filing for our citizenship application. Initially, I wanted to obtain an interpreter to help me during the interview due to my low literacy in English. Mary encouraged me to practice the civics questions and to believe that I could do it. After many practice sessions we successfully passed the naturalization interview. With Mary’s assistance and guidance through the process we felt prepared and confident to pass the test. We were very pleased with Mary’s services and would eagerly recommend her to our family and friends. It was a great experience from an awesome and passionate lawyer.

Julianah (August 2018)


Traveled Safely While Awaiting Green Card, Then Received Card

Earlier this year, I experienced a death in my family and urgently needed to travel to handle the funeral arrangements. Unfortunately, my green card was expired and I did not know what to do. I hired Mary to assist me in renewing my green card and she advised me on how to get authorization to travel while my application was pending. I was able to travel and return to the USA without any complications and I recently received my green card. We were very happy with Mary’s legal services and would recommend her to anyone!

Anonymous (July 2018)

Highly Recommend Mary!                 

Mary is very professional and always there when needed. Mary is so patient with her client and good listener. I can’t ask for more! God bless you Mary.

Anonymous (July 2018)

Above and Beyond!

My spouse and I needed assistance preparing for our adjustment of status interview. We found Mary Asomaning online and contacted her to schedule an appointment. She reviewed our case, advised us and attended the interview with us. I'm glad to report that we successfully completed our interview and will be receiving our green card soon! We would definitely recommend Mary to our family and friends and we intend to retain her again in the future to assist us with our 10-year green card and citizenship application!

Stephen (June 2018)

Great Lawyer!

Mary was great! She was really attentive to every detail of my DACA application. With her expertise I was approved. Mary's compassionate attitude is an added bonus!

Suzie (April 2017)

Naturalization for Me, Greencard for Husband, Family Reunited

I initially hired Mary to handle my Naturalization filing. She patiently guided me through the process and helped me to obtain my US citizenship. After that, I hired Mary again to help me file for my husband in Africa. Being a single parent is not easy and my daughter and I were eager to have him here with us in the US.

Juliet A. (Feb 2017)

Success with Green card with Mary

I have heard horror stories of other people’s immigration cased being delayed or rejected for simple errors. Mary willingly answered all of my questions and eased my fears by advising me on what to expect and prepared us for each step. My husband’s visa was recently approved and my daughter and I can’t wait to be reunited with him. I would highly recommend Mary to my friends and family to handle their immigration case.

Diana O. (January 2017)

Reliable, patient and a top notch Attorney

My family was completely lost in the wilderness about how to navigate the massive volume of contents about the DACA program signed into law by President Obama. 
When we approached Lawyer Mary Asomaning regarding the matter, she patiently walked us through the entire process, explaining in full details and also addressing every concerns we had. She worked with us even after her hours of work and sometimes on the weekends to assist us in every way she could. Thanks to her dedicated efforts, my two sons now have legal status in the USA. I will without any shadow of doubts refer Lawyer Mary Asomaning to anybody with immigration problems.

Henry  (April 2016)


We began the filing process for our son to obtain his green card, but our case was more complex than we anticipated and we decided to hire an attorney to guide us through the process. We were referred to Mary by a family member to assist us with our immigration issue.

Our son was studying in the US as an F-1 student and we were concerned about him attending the consular interview abroad. Mary stepped in and handled our case and provided us with the information we needed to make the best decision for our situation.

We are happy to report that everything worked out well for our son and he is now a US legal permanent resident. Mary’s patience and professionalism helped to make our situation less stressful and we are very grateful for her services. In fact, we would not hesitate to recommend her to family or friends abroad or in the US.

J. Bredu (Dec 2016)

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