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Will Trump Deport Me?

It has been a week since a very controversial presidential election and many immigrants are wondering whether President-Elect Donald Trump will hold true to his promise to deport millions of undocumented immigrants. In case you have missed Trump's anti-immigration campaign promises, some of his plans include:

* Building a physical border along the US-Mexico border

* Deporting undocumented immigrants currently in the US

* Revoking Obama's Executive Actions

* Ending sanctuary cities that protect immigrants as well as "catch and release" practices

Trump's agenda have left many immigrants feeling vulnerable and helpless. It is still too early to know the fate of 11 million undocumented immigrants under the Trump administration. One way to instill peace instead of panic is to consult with an experienced immigration attorney regarding the specific facts of your situation and any possible immigration options.

Individuals with immigration issues usually fail to seek legal advice because of fear, an inaccurate interpretation of their situation or a misunderstanding of how the law applies to their case. Don't wait until Trump takes office, now is the best time to evaluate your situation and determine whether you or someone you know is at risk of deportation or is eligible for immigration relief.

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