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Citizenship: Why NOW is The BEST time to Apply

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Many green card holders are content with their current status and do not intend to become a US citizen. However, others realize one important benefit that citizenship offers – the right to vote! If you would like to participate in the electoral process and cast your vote in the November Presidential Election, now is the time to file for citizenship. Here are three reasons why you should begin your application today!

#1 Ensure Your Application is Processed in Time for the Election

The citizenship process begins with your application, followed by your biometrics appointment and ends with an interview. Typically, the entire process can take approximately 5 months or more if your case is simple. However, this can be extended if your case is more complex or if there are several processing backlogs (which is very common these days).

#2 Uncertainty of Immigration Policies

No one knows what tomorrow holds, especially when it comes to immigration policies. Immigration benefits or guidelines can change with each new administration. This is an important consideration regardless of your political affiliation. For instance, an increase in the filing fee, a new legal requirement or a change to the test could become a barrier to filing for citizenship in the future. In fact, USCIS has proposed a 21% filing fee increase. Why wait?!?

#3 Fulfill Your American Dream Now

As the saying goes “Why put off to tomorrow, what you can do today?” Procrastination has prevented many people from fulfilling their dreams. For some, becoming a citizen may mean having access to a certain job, being able to file for a parent or voting for the first time in their life! Now is the perfect time to take action and start off the year on a good note. The quicker you begin the faster you will realize your dreams.

Contact our office if you, a family member or friend is ready to take the next step towards becoming a US Citizen. We’d love to help you achieve your American Dream!

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